Who We Are

Over the last 30+ years, the 77 crew has produced television programming, commercials, training videos, as well as covered hundreds of events that included recitals, weddings, and community events all over the southeast.

Some of 77’s customers have included, Blair Brothers, Duratek, Tennessee State Police Training, Dorothy Jo Owens, Appalachian Ballet Company, Knoxville Opera Company, Knoxville Symphony, Oak Ridge Civic Ballet, Dance Centre of Knoxville and Oak Ridge, Jim Waggoner, Dennis Shipley, the Anderson County School System and many, many more.

77 has traveled across the southeast to provide quality television and video production to the consumer.

77 Productions prides itself on offering quality video to the client while maintaining professionalism throughout the production.


Lenna Lovette is the founder and owner of 77 Productions. In 1980, Lenna bought her first VHS camera with setup from Texas and had to wait a couple of weeks to get it shipped to Tennessee. At that time the video industry was entering the consumer arena. The consumer was learning that all households would have the capability of watching Hollywood movies, uncut, on their television set. Lenna, being a home movie hobbyist, decided to utilize the new format for personal use. Word begin to spread as those around her begin to notice what she was doing. She was asked to record a community event and a church service.  For someone who had never used a VHS camera before, she became proficient at composition and operating the camera immediately. After she began covering local events and others learned about it , they began calling Lenna to cover family events. As the business grew, Lenna realized she had to expand or stop covering events for others. She bought an RV and replaced the comfortable bed in the back with the master control. The RV became a video truck with capabilities of running a four camera shoot complete with switcher, graphics, and 16 channel sound board. By 1984, 77 Productions was born.

Katie Lovette began working with 77 Productions in 1984 when she learned her job with the Department of Energy was being dissolved. Her background in mechanical and civil engineering and natural ability for producing and composition allowed Katie the opportunity to bring a different aspect to the company. Over the last 30 years Katie has worked in the film, television, and video industry all across the eastern half of the United States.  As a producer and production manager, she has written and developed television programming and commercials, training videos, directed multi-camera shoots for many events that have covered governors, congressmen, authors, actors, and inaugurations of college presidents. In 2007, Katie was asked to develop a multi-camera class for the video production curriculum at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tn and today remains there as a tenured professor. She is published in non-fiction and short story, and continues to develop screenplays for shorts, features, and class usage.